Clothes & Apparel

Beach, Sea-Doo and Watersports styles to keep you looking good

Dry Fit T-Shirts

Embroidered Wave Crest

These shirts are made of special moisture wicking materials (spandex, nylon) to keep you dry on those long days out on the water and beach.

Cost: $35 Each (+ Tax)


Gear for the beach and your machines

Trailer Gas Rig

Custom Manufactured

This rig will hold two 20 gallon gas tanks side by side on the front of your trailer. It has a special stainless steel bar that feeds through the handles and locks, preventing theft and secures them down while driving.

Cost: $160 Each (+ Tax)

Heavy Duty Key Armband

Custom Manufactured

This key armband is used for those heavy duty days on the water when keeping your keys safe is absolutely vital. Made from high density elastic rope with stainless steel key-loop and nylon threading through the joints and wrapped.

Cost: $25 Each (+ Tax)
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