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We Offer Exclusive Performance Equipment

Increase Your Income Every Summer Train People how to Sea-Doo/Kayak Supplement Your Own Costs Start Your Own Rental Franchise

Create a Wave
Ride the Wave
Experience the Wave

Now in our forth season, Deep Wave Rentals is
Still Delivering Amazing Water Experiences

Watersports for Life

We believe in keeping a little splash in your life

Sharing the Experience
Of Sea-Dooing
With The World

We are avid Sea-Doo and Watersports Enthusiasts, and we want to
Bring together others like us who LOVE the water as much as we do.

We know not everyone can afford to buy or maintain a Sea-Doo
We take care of the hardwork, so it's just about the FUN!

Go Deep Get Wet Have a Blast!

Frequently Asked Questions

For those of you who want the deets

Explain membership TIER status

We believe in rewarding commitment and experience, so we have developed a membership reward system.

Tier 1 - Beginner: Those with less then 5-10 hours of Sea-Dooing/Kayaking rental hours.
Tier 2 - Advanced: Those with more then 10-20 hours of Sea-Dooing/Kayaking rental hours.
Tier 3 - Elite: Those with more then 20+ hours of Sea-Dooing/Kayaking rental hours.

Each Tier will allow certain discounts and benefits as outlined in your membership panel.
Non Members are automatically Tier 1

Explain the rental type options?

Single: Exclusive single person rentals.
Couple: Exclusive couple (2x) person rentals.
Group: Exclusive (3x-8x) person rentals on the beach.
Party: Staff/Event (8+) party rentals on the beach.

Can I rent without a Boat Operators Card/License?

Yes, we can issue day passes for people with valid drivers licenses.
People who own a valid PCOC (pleasure craft operators card) are required authorize $500 damage deposit.
People without a Boat license/operators card, are required to authorize a damage deposit of $750.

Are Life-Jackets and Safety Equipment Provided?

Yes, we do provide life-jackets to our customers and safety equipment for the particular type of equipment you will be renting.

What are the age/weight requirments to rent?

Kayaks: you are required to be atleast 12+ years and weigh 60+lbs
Skis: you are required to be atleast 19+ years and weigh 100+lbs with a valid drivers or boat operators card/license.

Where are you located?

Our current address is 10072 Poplar Ave, Port Franks, ON N0M 2L0, but we have mobile operators who are able to bring a ski/kayak to your location. (**additional transportation and setup fee $25-$50)

Can we rent a ski/kayak over night?

Over night rentals are reserved exclusively for Elite Members.
We Do Not allow over night rentals to Tier 1 or Tier 2 Members.

What happens if I damage the equipment?

Although rare, accidents can and do happen. Our first concern is for your safety, but in the event that there is an accident, you are fully responsible for damages to yourself and the equipment and surrounding property, of which Deep Wave Rentals assumes no such liability. Minor damages will be covered by a small damage deposit of $50, $250 without a valid drivers/boat operators card. Get your card today!

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